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We are focused on ONE thing and we do it VERY well:

Since 2015, our team has focused on robotic process automation (RPA) technologies and implementation. RPA (HK), Ltd. is a focused, turn-key solution for companies in Hong Kong that seek best-in-class intelligent automation (RPA + AI) capabilities with flexible, cost-effective engagement models.

RPA (HK), Limited is the first (and currently only) technology firm in Hong Kong SAR, China 100% dedicated to providing RPA and intelligent automation related services and solutions.


What is RPA/IA ?

Robotic process automation (RPA) refers to the use of software robots to mimic the actions human worker perform on digital systems. Coupled with artificial intelligence (AI), RPA can be augmented to achieve "intelligent automation" (IA).
          In short: IA = RPA + AI.
RPA and IA software robots ("bots") can be used to automate business processes resulting in improved productivity, enhanced process quality, and lowered labor costs. Bots also free humans from having to perform boring, mundane, and repetitive office work.
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Our services and solutions help clients to successfully initiate, implement, and support RPA/IA programs.
Our capabilities span the People, Process and Technology spectrum.


Hire or contract our job-ready professionals and/or have our certified experts train your existing staff.


Rapid implementation & delivery of successful RPA/IA programs via well defined methodologies, processes, and frameworks.


RPA TOOLBOX℠ (coming soon…)


Our executive leadership team / senior advisory committee has over 60 years of combined experience in digital transformation, process excellence, and leveraging automation technologies to create better human experiences and improved operational efficiency.

Our News

RPA (HK), Ltd. supports diversity & inclusion!

Members of RPA (HK), Ltd. volunteered time to support a virtual technology summer camp for girls. Our team instructed an introductory class on the basics of RPA / intelligent automation for >30 young lady learners. RPA (HK), Ltd. embraces diversity and inclusion all the way from its tech stack to its company culture & values.
Watch the 30 second video recap of our fun and educational training session!

RPA (HK), Ltd. actively supports fact-based implementation of intelligent automation.

簡介 港鐵公司首席信息系統服務經理羅蘭娜女士在香港城市大學正進行有關企業實施機器人流程自動化(RPA)的博士研究。 該問卷調查的目的是收集參與者在公司技術,企業及環境三大方面下考慮RPA的使用。是次問卷調查將從2020年7月24日開始,為期3週。您可透過以下Survey Monkey連結參與問卷調查,感謝之您的參與!Survey on the Adoption of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Company

RPA (HK) Ltd. 刊登在數碼港每月電子通訊 《Cyberlink》中的”Start-up故事”

RPA (HK), Ltd. is a Cyberport Creative Micro Fund grantee dedicated exclusively to the development of the emerging fields of RPA and Intelligent Automation (IA) which combines RPA and artificial intelligence technologies. The fast-growing start-up – the first of its kind in Hong Kong – is in the process of building focused, turnkey, Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) solutions to help Hong Kong companies benefit from business process automation technologies. The company has launched a minimum viable product (MVP) - RPA TOOLBOXSM – a RaaS software platform...

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